Are we there yet?

If your reading this, you know we are on our way to Disney World. And every five-minutes, I hear are we there yet…over and over again. It’s only been 10 minutes. after all we only live about 45 miles away. So I turn tell my wife, we’re almost there dear. I don’t really call her dear, but that’s what I can print.

Then we see it. Exit Disney World. Wait a minute… there are five exits to Disney World. Panic sets in and then I remember I been here before, I can handle this.  Anyway 45 minutes LATER,  I decide on an exit. And so the Disney 2 step begins. Wait in line, wait 5 minutes, take 2 steps.

No, it’s that bad, it just feels like it when your 55-year-old wife just turned five. “love you dear”.

I digress.

But really, you don’t need to see my Disney pictures. I do have a few links that I have put in to highlight all things Disney. I will share many years of experiences of Disney tips that can save you time, money and frustration. Disney World is a great place and I wear my badge proudly.

I’m a Disney Kid. Worked at McDonald’s when I was young, so I’m a Mc Kid too.

I know what your thinking….

Are   we   there   yet  ?


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